Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Your Internet Swag: jj - kills mixtape

I'm 3 weeks late on this but  jj released a mixtape on Christmas Eve. It. is. the. heat. jj are a swedish pop group with a strong RnB and electronic sensibility. This is a classic mixtape in the hip hop sense of the notion as it takes samples from Dr. Dre, Kanye, Inception, Paper Planes by MIA which are then laced with original (new) jj lyrics that either challenge the listener to re-evaluate their understanding of the original sample or compliment it.

And the songs are properly good, I mean, properly properly good - lead singer Elin Kastlander has this wafty, whispy, Enya feel to her vocals while the little touches to each sample make you feel as though are experiencing some of your favourite old songs in a new way. I played it on friday night when some of my peoples (predominantly Hip-Hop guys) were over at my place for a drink and a chill and it totally killed.

You can pick up the the mixtape (which comes with lyrics) over at Sincerely Yours


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