Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Scene on the Street

A few weeks ago, I took group of newbies from work on a tour of Durbs with Sthembiso of Street Scene Tours. 

I learnt a whole lot about the city I grew up in -  I didn't know that Mrs. Balls chutney, a veritable institution in this country, was first made in a kitchen at the end of Ridge road. Take that Cape Town with your monument - we have chutney.

Anyway, I was so stoked by all of the beautiful "scenes" in area's that some call the dodgy part of town that I took some pics.  

First, we had a walk through Victoria Street Market.

Beautiful Zulu bead work


 This oke, making this skirt

F#ck-off hot chillies

 These, apparently, are some kind of nut... the guy said they're addictive. they certainly look it.

 We took a stroll through the spice market. The most amazing aroma in that place

Then took a walk across to to Warwick Triangle, sadly I couldn't take any pics in the muti market. They have a lot or dead animals there that they use for all sorts of things and don't want any evidence floating around.

Truly, a ton of potatoes

Bright purple cabbages

Gorgeous frilly aprons

Piles and piles of incense


The funnest post-boxes I've ever seen!

The tour was such fun, cant wait to go on another... you really should try get out there


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

a Kid called Cudi

Born Scott Ramon Seguro Mescudi, of Mexican-Native American and African American descent he caught the attention of Mr. Kanye West with his mixtape "a Kid called Cudi" in 2008.

Apart form being a great musician, this guy really know how to dress... seen below in the Jan issue of GQ (USA)... he's quirky and nerdy but with just enough street-style swagger.


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

thank you music gods...

For giving me this...

Cloud Nothings - Can't Stay Awake by thebangpop

This day is killing me slowly. But this song is keeping my heart thumping, to a pretty rocking beat...

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Best Tumblr Ever, Mumford Rant...and 11 Grammy reactions

So I did a few tweets on this but figured a whole post would be cool:

Reasons the 2011 Grammy's were ok:
1. In my opinion, its their worst album, but at least the Arcade Fire won Album of the year

2. As a result of point 1, the following AMAZING Tumblr logs the reaction of the interwebs to the Arcade Fire's victory. It. is. hilarious. See here: . (Courtesy of the good people at You aint no Picasso )

 Below, 3 of my faves:

3. Janelle Monae being on stage was cool.

Reasons the Grammy's are lame:
1. The criteria for winning any award is incredibly random. So Arcade Fire win album of the year but the Black Keys beat them in the other 2 categories they are nominated? Ok, this brings the bigger question - are these even close to the best indie albums of the year?

2. More on the criteria: it's like this weird mix of being famous and being artistic but not especially amazing at either - this explains how Norah Jones, John Mayer, Steely Dan etc win some of these awards and are interspersed with Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera ... and Eminem

3. The positive reinforcement that Eminem will receive for his lamest record

4. The Beatles won their 9765th grammy this year for the digital remastering of "The Beatles"

5. Yes, there's an award for digital remastering.

6. There are also 6 awards for jazz and 9-10 for classical music. Fine, but then there are about 6 awards for latin music... AND there's a whole latin Grammy show?

7. Mumford and Sons got positive reinforcement too  - great, now the most fake band in folk music history think they've made it because you put them on a stage with Dylan and gave them 2 nominations

8. Damn you, Bob Dylan. I know, you're shrewd about cash and you'll make a boatload from it, thats why they sell your records in Starbucks, you're not above making some dough - fine - but did you really have to do me like that!? - Bumford and Sons as the face of a folk revolution?! They're not even American. They're not even from the ENGLISH country side. They're from Camden. It's a dodgy place in London - the birthplace of english punk. There is nothing folk about it. One guy calls himself "Country" ... and he went to King's College. They are posers. End of.

Rant Over.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Is this finally it? The Strokes release new track...

They even went and took a new band photo for the new album... (via
The Strokes are the single biggest reason I fell in love with indie music.I was just an ignorant little 17yr old before Julian, Fab, Albert, Nick and Nikolai completely changed my world.

Is this it was followed by Room on Fire, and though most of us were a bit worried that it basically sounded like Is this it again? the music world let those misgivings slide - mostly because the music was still so goddam good. And then First Impressions of Earth landed in the middle of the decade and landed, well, with a clank and a thud.

So you can imagine how nervous I was when it was announced that they were giving a track away for free on their site .... that it was part of the new album Angles... which will come some time in 2011. The song is called Under Cover of Darkness and is streamed below:

The Strokes - Under Cover Of Darkness by thebluewalrus

My Thoughts: Oh wow this good. So so good.  Gone are the more astral tendencies of First Impressions, back are the good old fashioned meat and potatoes Strokes - Albert is all over his guitar solo and Nikolai's baseline rides up your spine. Most excitingly - Julian's lyrics - hint at a new direction, like he's mixed anger into his "look at how elegantly I don't give a fuck" vocals. I dont want to get carried away but I so do.....please let this be the sign that they are back.

Shhh, but I think this it .

Goodbye White Stripes, LCD Soundsystem.

Been swamped by moving houses and family members and my 9 to 5 gig grinding me past the 5. Back now though...and the first post is bitter sweet. Two goodbyes to bands that have been key in me forming my music taste and understanding, 2 of the most influential bands of the last 10 years (both have happened in the last 10 days)

1. Properly sad news first: The White Stripes have split

7 Nation Army was one of my key formative indie records and was the start of a relationship with the White Stripes that I will always hold dear. Jack White was my gateway to blues and garage - without his music, I doubt I would have come to understand how elegantly instrumental paucity and gigantic sound could co-exist when paired with creative and technical musicianship of the highest order. They have left this on their website:

2. Bittersweet at first because the concert sounds like it will be awesome but then just properly sad news when you realise you won't be in New York in April: LCD Soundsystem have announced their final concert: they will headline Madison Square Garden for the first time in their careers.

Love this pic, reminds of the Roskilde performance I saw (via Brooklyn Vegan)

We've known for a while that last year's triumphant "This is happening" was their farewell album and this past year, a farewell tour, but it still stings. I was fortunate enough to see them live at Roskilde 2010 and it was my favourite set of the entire festival - they utterly destroyed that Friday night. The concert's entitled the Long Goodbye, is expected to be 3hrs long, will feature family members on stage and get this, they've requested that all fans attending wear either black or white. I think this just made my all time list of dream performances I wish I could have attended.  Tickets are apparently already sold out.

Thank you Mr. Murphy and your band - rest assured, I danced myself clean.

James, Nancy and Pat, he of the ridiculous drumming and cowbell chops - via Adrian Rojas Tumblr

Pow Pow Pow!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

street style... part 1

Street style is the most indictitive of a generations collective impression of what walks down the runway. It's the real RTW of any season and (more often than not) is more inspiring than any designer collection. It allows for more creativity, personal flair and the best part for me: rule breaking.

Below are some of my favourite looks from a few street style blogs (mainly Vanessa Jackman)

Note: these are mostly lovlies that work in the fashion industry and so, have access to insane designer gear. I guess my point is that I love the way they wear it.

Another note: local (and therefore more accessible street style to follow)

Ok, I actually just like this chicita because she looks like (Marlon's other girlfriend) Penelope Cruz

It's like Mortal Combat + Waterworld + Gladiator

Cute, but with just enough rockability with them boots

So perfect.

Just a trench? Never! Oversized mens trench but so sexy

So easy....
Great shorts to show off great legs!

I probably have this entire look in my wardrobe... but probably wouldn't have thought of putting it together like this

Androgynous enough for you? love the "dont f#ck with me attitude"
Chanel-esque jacket + military + f#ck-me-boots... nice
Oh this? I just threw this on!

Pink skinny's? Yes please...

Khaki + black lace xxx