Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Scene on the Street

A few weeks ago, I took group of newbies from work on a tour of Durbs with Sthembiso of Street Scene Tours. 

I learnt a whole lot about the city I grew up in -  I didn't know that Mrs. Balls chutney, a veritable institution in this country, was first made in a kitchen at the end of Ridge road. Take that Cape Town with your monument - we have chutney.

Anyway, I was so stoked by all of the beautiful "scenes" in area's that some call the dodgy part of town that I took some pics.  

First, we had a walk through Victoria Street Market.

Beautiful Zulu bead work


 This oke, making this skirt

F#ck-off hot chillies

 These, apparently, are some kind of nut... the guy said they're addictive. they certainly look it.

 We took a stroll through the spice market. The most amazing aroma in that place

Then took a walk across to to Warwick Triangle, sadly I couldn't take any pics in the muti market. They have a lot or dead animals there that they use for all sorts of things and don't want any evidence floating around.

Truly, a ton of potatoes

Bright purple cabbages

Gorgeous frilly aprons

Piles and piles of incense


The funnest post-boxes I've ever seen!

The tour was such fun, cant wait to go on another... you really should try get out there


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