Friday, February 11, 2011

Goodbye White Stripes, LCD Soundsystem.

Been swamped by moving houses and family members and my 9 to 5 gig grinding me past the 5. Back now though...and the first post is bitter sweet. Two goodbyes to bands that have been key in me forming my music taste and understanding, 2 of the most influential bands of the last 10 years (both have happened in the last 10 days)

1. Properly sad news first: The White Stripes have split

7 Nation Army was one of my key formative indie records and was the start of a relationship with the White Stripes that I will always hold dear. Jack White was my gateway to blues and garage - without his music, I doubt I would have come to understand how elegantly instrumental paucity and gigantic sound could co-exist when paired with creative and technical musicianship of the highest order. They have left this on their website:

2. Bittersweet at first because the concert sounds like it will be awesome but then just properly sad news when you realise you won't be in New York in April: LCD Soundsystem have announced their final concert: they will headline Madison Square Garden for the first time in their careers.

Love this pic, reminds of the Roskilde performance I saw (via Brooklyn Vegan)

We've known for a while that last year's triumphant "This is happening" was their farewell album and this past year, a farewell tour, but it still stings. I was fortunate enough to see them live at Roskilde 2010 and it was my favourite set of the entire festival - they utterly destroyed that Friday night. The concert's entitled the Long Goodbye, is expected to be 3hrs long, will feature family members on stage and get this, they've requested that all fans attending wear either black or white. I think this just made my all time list of dream performances I wish I could have attended.  Tickets are apparently already sold out.

Thank you Mr. Murphy and your band - rest assured, I danced myself clean.

James, Nancy and Pat, he of the ridiculous drumming and cowbell chops - via Adrian Rojas Tumblr

Pow Pow Pow!

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