Thursday, February 3, 2011

street style... part 1

Street style is the most indictitive of a generations collective impression of what walks down the runway. It's the real RTW of any season and (more often than not) is more inspiring than any designer collection. It allows for more creativity, personal flair and the best part for me: rule breaking.

Below are some of my favourite looks from a few street style blogs (mainly Vanessa Jackman)

Note: these are mostly lovlies that work in the fashion industry and so, have access to insane designer gear. I guess my point is that I love the way they wear it.

Another note: local (and therefore more accessible street style to follow)

Ok, I actually just like this chicita because she looks like (Marlon's other girlfriend) Penelope Cruz

It's like Mortal Combat + Waterworld + Gladiator

Cute, but with just enough rockability with them boots

So perfect.

Just a trench? Never! Oversized mens trench but so sexy

So easy....
Great shorts to show off great legs!

I probably have this entire look in my wardrobe... but probably wouldn't have thought of putting it together like this

Androgynous enough for you? love the "dont f#ck with me attitude"
Chanel-esque jacket + military + f#ck-me-boots... nice
Oh this? I just threw this on!

Pink skinny's? Yes please...

Khaki + black lace xxx

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