Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Best Tumblr Ever, Mumford Rant...and 11 Grammy reactions

So I did a few tweets on this but figured a whole post would be cool:

Reasons the 2011 Grammy's were ok:
1. In my opinion, its their worst album, but at least the Arcade Fire won Album of the year

2. As a result of point 1, the following AMAZING Tumblr logs the reaction of the interwebs to the Arcade Fire's victory. It. is. hilarious. See here: http://whoisarcadefire.tumblr.com . (Courtesy of the good people at You aint no Picasso )

 Below, 3 of my faves:

3. Janelle Monae being on stage was cool.

Reasons the Grammy's are lame:
1. The criteria for winning any award is incredibly random. So Arcade Fire win album of the year but the Black Keys beat them in the other 2 categories they are nominated? Ok, this brings the bigger question - are these even close to the best indie albums of the year?

2. More on the criteria: it's like this weird mix of being famous and being artistic but not especially amazing at either - this explains how Norah Jones, John Mayer, Steely Dan etc win some of these awards and are interspersed with Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera ... and Eminem

3. The positive reinforcement that Eminem will receive for his lamest record

4. The Beatles won their 9765th grammy this year for the digital remastering of "The Beatles"

5. Yes, there's an award for digital remastering.

6. There are also 6 awards for jazz and 9-10 for classical music. Fine, but then there are about 6 awards for latin music... AND there's a whole latin Grammy show?

7. Mumford and Sons got positive reinforcement too  - great, now the most fake band in folk music history think they've made it because you put them on a stage with Dylan and gave them 2 nominations

8. Damn you, Bob Dylan. I know, you're shrewd about cash and you'll make a boatload from it, thats why they sell your records in Starbucks, you're not above making some dough - fine - but did you really have to do me like that!? - Bumford and Sons as the face of a folk revolution?! They're not even American. They're not even from the ENGLISH country side. They're from Camden. It's a dodgy place in London - the birthplace of english punk. There is nothing folk about it. One guy calls himself "Country" ... and he went to King's College. They are posers. End of.

Rant Over.

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