Wednesday, August 24, 2011

New York city

So Marlon and I have just booked our trip to New York city. If I'm honest, I'm so excited I may pee in my pants if I think about it for too long. It'll be our first overseas trip together and I'm hoping we don't murder on another on the plane over there. 16 hours. Sad face.

We're in the process of planning our itinerary, Marlon has kicked into full on nerd mode with this trip. I don't mind, because that way I don't have to do it.

So where I'm going with this - besides making you all horribly jealous - is that I'd love to get some nuggets of NYC tourism advice. I've noticed on that cool "reader stalker/tracker thing" on Blogger that a whole heap of you are from the states so if anyone lives in New York or has been there, please comment and give us some tips. 

I'm hoping for things like: 

"go to this bar because they have rocking drinks specials and don't mind if you get rowdy and take your clothes off"

"don't go to this bar because there are often rowdy, half naked tourists there"

That's right, we want the pukka local hang outs. Other tips that would be gladly noted:

"this restaurant makes kiff pizza that doesn't cost $400"

 "go to the Museum of Natural History at (insert time here) because then you get to see them dismantle the T-Rex"
So go on lovelies...


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Yorr. These guys...

Originally this post was to be about the male radness I'd come across here, here, here and here. but then I got sidetracked and found more radness...

Here's how it went down: General coolness

Then when I saw the last picture I got psyched to find more of the dapper duo. They can barely contain the cool...

So here are some more of Shaka Maidoh and his partner in crime, Sam Lambert. Cant  seem to find out any more about them than that Shaka is a photographer/IT guy? But they are all over the street style blogs.I feel a particular affinity towards him because of his name. For those readers not in South Africa; King Shaka was the most legendary Zulu king like, ever. Born in the late 1700's he led his people into battle to defend their land aganst the dutch settlers.  He was a mean fighter. 

Random facts over. Onwards to more radness...

Then they reminded me of the coolness we have right on our very doorsteps... cue the Smarteez. A group of youngsters that brought township fashion to it's knees with their outlandish, calculated and downright bitchin style. Featured in/on many South African media they're heralded as the DIY heroes.

 All Smarteez images by Chris Saunders

They showed thier debut collection at this year's SA Fashion Week. Packed, not surprisingly, with colour and prints.  


Friday, July 29, 2011

Oh my eff!

This skirt is just so bloody cool!

from: facehunter


her hair

from: vanessa jackman

If I had the power to grow my hair long overnight... this is what I would do to it. If anyone knows if a great "hair growing" pill/tonic/charm/prayer; holla at ya girl. I'm getting bored of wearing scarves to keep my neck warm.


Monday, July 11, 2011

Oh Lawd!

So I dont think the styling is particularly impressive. Colour blocking... well done. But the art direction and concept floored me. Just so fantastic to look at. Like a bunch of coked up housewives in the Queen of Hearts' garden.

via: fashion gone rogue