Wednesday, August 24, 2011

New York city

So Marlon and I have just booked our trip to New York city. If I'm honest, I'm so excited I may pee in my pants if I think about it for too long. It'll be our first overseas trip together and I'm hoping we don't murder on another on the plane over there. 16 hours. Sad face.

We're in the process of planning our itinerary, Marlon has kicked into full on nerd mode with this trip. I don't mind, because that way I don't have to do it.

So where I'm going with this - besides making you all horribly jealous - is that I'd love to get some nuggets of NYC tourism advice. I've noticed on that cool "reader stalker/tracker thing" on Blogger that a whole heap of you are from the states so if anyone lives in New York or has been there, please comment and give us some tips. 

I'm hoping for things like: 

"go to this bar because they have rocking drinks specials and don't mind if you get rowdy and take your clothes off"

"don't go to this bar because there are often rowdy, half naked tourists there"

That's right, we want the pukka local hang outs. Other tips that would be gladly noted:

"this restaurant makes kiff pizza that doesn't cost $400"

 "go to the Museum of Natural History at (insert time here) because then you get to see them dismantle the T-Rex"
So go on lovelies...



  1. Hey Megan. Cool to have met you and your mates the other night. Thought I'd pop by and see what's up.