Tuesday, January 18, 2011


OK, Marlon is completely bejizzed over Lego. I don't completely understand it but to each, his own. He went all the way to Copenhagen last year and didn't go to Lego land (the mark of a fickle fan if you ask me), but seemingly has regretted it ever since.

He has even decided that my 7 year old brother is to be his Lego engineering protegee. I thought I'd make him smile by posting this. If he could live like this, he probably would.

in the Lego kitchen
with the Lego kitchen counter
I'll have Sushi
you can have a Big Mac

with the Lego car parked safely in the garage
We'll watch Pulp Fiction

Or American Beauty

Before brushing our teeth

and going to Lego-bed

Look like fun?
Also, see I Lego NY for some pretty smart depictions of NYC by a guy called Christoph Niemann


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