Friday, January 21, 2011

Cover Story: Sabali - Amadou and Miriam

There's a collection of remixes out from the golden couple of West African pop - Amadou and Miriam. Nice time to reflect on (arguably) Africa's greatest musical export (though the good desert people of Tinariwen might have beef with this) and the great triumph of global pop that was their past two albums, particularly, Welcome to Mali.

The A-list of remixers are here and while the reviews out don't portray the album as essential, it's a nice primer to a forthcoming late 2011 release (See Pitchfork review: here ). Most exciting part for me: Listening to what Mike Snow and Vitalic get up to on my fave Amadou and Miriam song - Sabali.I've attached Snow's version along with the original.

Amadou & Mariam - Sabali by Maleksura

Amadou and Mariam - Sabali (Miike Snow Remix) by BLINDO


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