Tuesday, January 18, 2011

bring me flowers...

Actually, dont. Ever. I know it's strange but I have a irrational aversion to cut flowers. 

Fresh, living still-in-the-soil flowers - YES! 
Still-pretty-but-dying-in-front-of your-eyes flowers - NO!

Poor Marlon got stuck with the only girl who doesn't like to be sent a bunch of flowers which makes for interesting "I'm sorry"gifts.

In order to still surround myself with flora I've tried to tend to a few pot plants (side note: I have VERY poor plant tending skills) but for these babies I would try harder:

Is this not the best thing ever?

ps. does anyone else share my weirdness about cut flowers? It's just gotta be bad joo-joo to have that in your house.

found via: A CUP OF JO

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