Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Birkin

So we've all seen and heard about the "Birkin Bag" - despite being completely logo-less it one one of the most recognisable accessories in the world. Created in 1984 by then chief executive Jean-Louis Dumas when, seated next to Jane Birkin on a flight. 

Ah! That face!
  She was complaining about her straw bag that kept spilling all of her goodies. Obviously he thought she was pretty cool and so he made her this cool bag.

Since then the Birkin bag has always been a symbol of wealth due to it's price (anywhere between $9000 and $150 000) and it's elusiveness to mere mortals. This is apparent via the hoards of celebs that have been seen sporting them over the years:

Gwyneth as Margot in The Royal Tenenbaums
Seen on Will & Grace
Seen on Ugly Betty
And Gilmore Girls
and Gossip Girl
Marc Jacobs
Sadly, even idiots can buy them
Mrs Beckham is rumoured to have over 100 of them
Lady Gaga caused a stir recently when she referenced her little monsters in Japanese ON her Birkin. 


  1. Love.

    PS: is it weird that I start humming "she bangs" by ricky martin whenever I type in your url??? Did Marlon just throw up??? ;)

  2. One day my friend we will have one...well if we are wishing...10? 20? Until then the search for the knock off continues :)

  3. @ Cands: he did, but just a little. i think he secretly likes that song cos i shake my booty to it!

  4. @ Megs: yep! got my fabrics and colours sorted already :)