Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Mixtape from MIA : Vicki Leekx

2010 was a tough year for MIA. Fresh off the popular success of Paper Planes in 2009,  she released  /\/\/\Y/\ in 2010 and the reviews across the interwebs were mostly mixed - some hated it and few really loved it. She also had that run in with the op-ed contributor at the NY Times Magazine who wrote what she considered an unfair article which culminated in MIA releasing the writer's cellphone number to her tens of thousands of twitter followers.

Anyway, good news:  she released a Mixtape on New Year's day called Vicki Leekx. It's her first mixtape release in 6 years, since she did Piracy Funds Terrorism vol. 1 with ex boyfriend, developing world dance music champion,  new Blackberry face and twitter extraordinaire Diplo. The current rumblings indicate this is a return to form so if you're into agitprop-infused next-level beats hit the links below.

For the mixtape click here
For the NY Times magazine article: click here

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