Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A thousand apologies... and a cover

Life in the last few weeks has run away with us, Marlon got a new job and is in the process of moving to another big, bad city. So while he's in limbo, travelling between the two, I've been trying to not lose my marbles at the insanity I currently call my day job. Also new in my life is my current obsession with Australian Masterchef (it will change your life) and a recent discovery of the greatest chocolate pudding ever invented (for those of you lucky enough to live in the R of SA - I'm talking about Woolies' triple choc amazingness).

So, after a very long hiatus we return. Or maybe just me for now; Marlon currently doesn't have a bed to call his own, let alone Internet at home.

you may have seen in previous posts a little something I like to call "Cover Story". I'm totally bejizzed over the genius that I've come across when people re-invent someone else's work and bring something new and special to it. My latest find I came across on the radio, some of you may have heard it but probably not the sample that's featured on it.

Here is Lupe Fiasco's "Show goes on" which is pretty f*cking cool if you ask me. And he's hot. It's the kind of tune that just makes you feel good, probably because he takes a gorgeous arrangement by Modest Mouse and gives a bit of bass, electric guitar and swagger. If you're not one for Hip Hip/ Rap - try look past it. Also, listen for the orchestral bits - swelling violin and a solid trumpet line towards the end.

And here is the OG. Modest Mouse's "Float On". Lupe changed the premise a little with his version but the real beauty of this song is the melody, which he's stayed true to. "Float on" was on the first mixed "tape" that Marlon gave me which makes it very sentimental. It's got a plucky, ballsy feel to it but transitions into something gentle and soothing.

Give them a listen...


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